Jung connected archetypes with the collective unconscious.
“The archetype is essentially an unconscious content that is altered by becoming conscious and by being perceived, and it takes its color from the individual consciousness in which it happens to appear.”
Okay, so you’ve booked an archetype session and now you know your archetypes! What now?
If you need some extra support on how to use your archetypes to your advantage, check out this specially made blueprint.
In it, you’ll find the instruction for building an archetype chart for each month & each year, the explanation for understanding the chart, and the description of all 22 archetypes.
Hear From Our Clients
I am so grateful I crossed paths with Alicia who is full of wisdom, empathy and honesty. Together we explored archetypes and I walked away feeling so empowered and supported with her insights. Her ability to help you uncover what needs to be done to take yourself to the next level and achieve your dreams is a game changer. She is committed to seeing you win. She has played a key role in my journey and I would have no hesitation recommending her.
Jeremy H.
Wow! I had no idea about archetypes till I met Kai. I was a little skeptical at first but if you've ever taken the Enneagram or Myers Brigg tests, they are kinda similar. Archetypes, however, feel very specific to you. She did a super good job explaining all of them and I couldn't believe how bang-on they were. Now, I know how to tap into my strengths and I feel like I have a new lease on life. Kai, you're a really special person!
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